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Crawlspace mold

While generally the Pacific Northwest climate does not report as many mold issues (due to weather) as in some areas of the country, this does not mean that certain homes don't provide the right conditions for mold growth problems. Homes or structures with seasonal ground water, high humidity levels, and/or poor cross ventilation can be perfect environments for mold to grow. The crawl space, in particular, is a naturally damp and mold friendly environment if there ever was one.

Mold, the causes and the cures are sensitive issues. We treat these issues with care and custom solutions for our climate, not scare tactics.

Crawl Space Services can perform simple tests on crawl space and basement surfaces or work with industry professionals for a full home air test. We look for the potential causes of mold and wood rot. Ground water problems, leaking pipes, poorly installed flashing, poor crawl space air flow and ventilation are contributing factors that can be repaired with permanent solutions.

Please talk to your representative about any mold concerns you may have.

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